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ISO 16890

Chris Ecob introduces the new ISO 16890 standard for testing and classification of air filters and offers interesting perspectives on the benefits for specifiers and users of filters.

why you should choose ePM1 filtration

The better we understand the air we breathe the easier our filter choice becomes. Watch this video to see why you should choose ePM1 filtration

PM1 Tracker – make the invisible visible

For over 50 years Camfil has lead the way, striving to tackle air pollution and improve Indoor Air Quality in the quest to make clean air a human right.

Unlike dirty water, air pollution is not visible and therefore we are often unaware of how good or bad our indoor air quality is.

With the new innovative PM1 Tracker, Camfil is making the invisible, visible. Now, through this handheld device, you will be able to see your Indoor Air Quality within minutes.

Mark Simmons, EVP for filters in the central European region

discusses PM1 and the value of ISO16890 as a means to protect people’s lives and their health.

Simon Birkett, Founder and Director of Clean Air in London

Air pollution affects everyone. It’s important to think in terms of ‘One atmosphere’. The World Health Organization says that air pollution is the biggest environmental health risk. It says there are 3.7 million deaths every year attributable to outdoor air pollution and 4.3 million deaths attributable to indoor air pollution. The very fine particles, like PM1, penetrate deep into the lungs inflame the cardiovascular system and can reach the brain and other vital organs. It is important to advise people about the dangers of air pollution and in particular PM1.

What is PM1

Air pollution is real so why don’t we see reports about PM1 the most dangerous particulate matter and the effects they have on the human body.
See and learn more about PM1 and why we should be concerned about the so called protection of being indoors.

The air we breathe.

We breathe every four seconds, twenty-two thousand breathes a day. In highly polluted areas such as inner cities. We breathe in more than fifty billion particles with each breath we take. Fine dust, viruses and bacteria. We’re also exposed to countless other health endangering particles. This is especially the case in indoor spaces in which we spend up to ninety percent of our time.

Camfil fights for clean air as a human right and ensures that future generations will be able to breathe deeply with total confidence.

“Every breath we take” Gary Fuller interview

Every breath we take Gary Fuller interview. London: RCP, 2016. Copyright © 2016 Royal College of Physicians. Reproduced with permission.

“Every breath we take” Stephen Holgate dangers of indoor air pollution

Every breath we take Stephen Holgate dangers of indoor air pollution. London: RCP, 2016. Copyright © 2016 Royal College of Physicians. Reproduced with permission.

Camfil CEO, Magnus Yngen, Talks about air pollution

We at Camfil are aware that the world’s air pollution problems and the time it will take to tackle. But Camfil want to act now to raise awareness and establish clean air as a human right.
This is why we have started a campaign called “Take a Breath”. Camfil will be a global champion of cleaner, safer air and protection against PM1.