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For over 50 years Camfil has lead the way, striving to tackle air pollution and improve Indoor Air Quality in the quest to make clean air a human right.

Unlike dirty water, air pollution is not visible and therefore we are often unaware of how good or bad our indoor air quality is.

Now, through this handheld device, you will be able to see your Indoor Air Quality within minutes.

HealthThe number of particles (0,5-1µm) and PM1 value in µg/m3
WellnessThe Temperature and Relative Humidity
Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers
“to measure is to know –
if you cannot measure it,
you cannot improve it”
– Lord Kelvin

PM 1ndex
The PM 1ndex is a unique guide to your Indoor Air Quality, based on Camfil’s 50 years experience, it’s Air Image software, WHO guidelines and ISO16890.
Camfil has defined an Air Quality Index which ranges from 1 (Very Good) to 5 (Very bad).

PM 1ndex Air Quality PM1 (µg/m3) Typical Environment
5 Very bad > 8.30 Industrial or no ventilation
4 Bad ˂ 8.30 Bad ventilation/filtration or no filtration
3 Standard ˂ 3.90 Standard office
2 Good ˂ 1.40 Good ventilation and filtration
1 Very Good ˂ 0.6 Pure air with air cleaner

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