ISO 16890 – the new standard for air filters

It is highly significant that this standard has a global application. Until now, there was no such standard, in the Americas, ASHRAE standard 52.2 dominated, in Europe EN779 was dominant and in Asia and the Middle East both standards were used side by side.

The standard will eliminate confusion and prevent invalid attempts to cross-reference results from the different existing test methods.



Hi-Flo is a series of energy-efficient ventilation filters with unique performance standards and a wide area of usage. Hi-Flo filters are designed to fit all kinds of commercial and industrial HVAC installations. They clean the air from particles and improve indoor air quality and the workspace.


Opakfil is a range of compact filters with low energy consumption often used as second filter stage in the supply air, either as last filter stage for comfort applications or as second prefilter stage for clean process applications.


Due to its small size, EcoPleat Eco can be installed in most air handling units. Close pleats ensure low energy consumption, a large filter area and low pressure drop.


Camfil Hi-Cap bag filter with synthetic media is used for comfort air conditioning and pre-filter applications. The Hi-Cap has a metal frame and the Hi-Cap XLS a moulded plastic frame.


Aeropleat is a family of pleated panels with cardboard frame (Eco), plastic frame (Green) and metal frame. The large amount of media and pleats also helps lower the pressure drop for reduced energy consumption. Equipped with wire backing that is very corrosion-resistant, the media can withstand high air flows and humid applications.