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Loose-fill filters

CamCarb CG

Camfil’s Camcarb CG filters provide the highest levels of chemical control in many comfort air and process air applications. Filters may be filled with different media to target different gases. Camcarb CG installations are leak-free.

  • Leak-free installation ensures maximum possible efficiency
  • 360 degree geometry and even air distribution ensures maximum possible lifetime
  • Lowest possible Life Cycle Cost (LCC)
  • May be filled with a wide range of molecular filtration medias
  • Rapid bayonet fitting system and integral dual TPE gaskets
  • Totally corrosion resistant
  • Reduced weight compared to Metal version
  • Modular and flexible assembly
Application: The most reliable molecular filter for high efficiency and long-term control of molecular contaminants in sensitive buildings and process industries.
Type: Cylindrical molecular filter cartridge manufactured from engineering grade resins.
Filtration media: Broad Spectrum activated carbon for control of odours, VOCs and ozone. Various impregnated medias for control of difficult gases e.g. hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, DMS etc.
Temperature: 40°C maximum in continuous service.
Mounting system: Dedicated base plate in 3 standard sizes (see separate page).

Camcarb CG cylinders are produced from ABS/HPDE for excellent corrosion resistance in process applications. The 360-degree cylindrical geometry of the Camcarb filter results in extremely even air flow distribution over the entire air filter area, ensuring maximum media life.

The pressure loss of the Camcarb CG filter is minimized as a result of the radiused air entry path in the inlet cap.

Camcarb CG cylinders are mounted and locked onto a dedicated mounting plate using a bayonet fitting on the filter inlet cap. A dual rubber-blade gasket moulded into the air entry cap effectively seals the joint between the end cap and the mounting plate to ensure that every installation of Camcarb CG is a leak-free. Assemblies of Camcarb filters can be built up in AHUs, ducts, plenums or also inside process equipment.

Camcarb CG cylinders are available in two lengths to handle different air flows.

The filters can be filled with a very wide range of granular or pelletized molecular filtration media to provide broad spectrum adsorption or target specific chemicals or groups of chemicals. The cylinders may be disposed of after use by incineration.


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